Be sure to go out and VOTE!

If you haven't already voted, make sure you take the time today to go out and do your part to protect this great Republic we live in. We need as many votes as we can get on the Conservative Party line in order to survive, especially in the wake of Cuomo's new election rules. We now need to qualify the line in Presidential and Gubernatorial years. You can vote for Donald Trump on our line and if you vote down ballot on our line, you'll be supporting great candidates like my friend Sal Pavone (pictured with me) as well as Angi Renna, Sam Rodgers, Will Barclay, Ed Weber, Mark Venesky, Stephanie Jackson, John Lemondes, Judge Rory McMahon, Julie Cerio and more at the local levels. The important thing, though, is to go out and VOTE! It's your right and this year, we need the best turnout we can get.

If you need a ride to the polls, you can always reach out to me at (315) 278-8927. If I can't get to you myself, I'll make sure to find someone who can help. Polls are open until 9 PM. If you need to know a polling location, call me. I can find that for you too.


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