Road Rally

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Staging At the Northern Lights Plaza Sunday 11am For a trip around Oneida Lake

Rules of the Rail

1. Deck out your cars! We need signs to let people know the causes and candidates we’re supporting

2. Keep UP! We’re not going to travel at highway speeds, but we DO need everyone to stay as close together as possible.

3. DO NOT operate your vehicle in an unsafe manner. We do not need to run afoul of law enforcement!

4. If you wish to leave or join the train at some point other than the beginning or the end, we only ask that you do so at one of the above listed stops. These are times we expect to depart from each of these locations.

5. If we have a REALLY big train going, some cars may not be able to fit into these parking areas. Please find a safe place to park if you wish to exit your vehicle at one of these spots.

6. Enjoy the ride and be sure to have fun.


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